Building Blocks


Values Survey: Positive outlook for the region clouded by concern for financial wellbeing and personal security

Regional Vision and Plan for the Future Needed People in the greater Madison region feel their quality of life is good and will probably improve for the next generation. At the same time, we are concerned about our… Read More

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South Madison Farmer’s Market Tackles Food Injustice

The South Madison Farmer’s Market (SMFM) provides access to nutritious food in South Madison, an area without nearby grocery stores. To increase both market sales and number of growers, they participated in a local coalition that secured a Plan4Health… Read More

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A Greater Madison Vision: How We Grow Matters

How we grow matters. That idea gives purpose to the initiative called A Greater Madison Vision. We know that the Madison region will continue to grow. It has led the state for many years on both rate and… Read More

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MG&E Facilitates Successful Sustainability Program for Black and Latino Families

Who is working to make the capital region a healthy and flourishing place for all? The Capital Region is home to many individuals, organizations, businesses, and coalitions that are already making progress on the “Building Blocks” of Economic… Read More

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healthy ecosystems dashboard

Regional Trends Report Showcases Environmental Indicators

As previously reported, regional indicators are a way to track progress towards desired goals. The Framework for Change [PDF] report, released in June, presented 31 indicators established to measure progress towards acheiving 6 overall goals – all aiming for the vision of a… Read More

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