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    Housing Demand Shift – Is it Here to Stay?

    The previous post discussed recent housing trends in the Madison Wisconsin area (Dane County) and how projected shifts towards more multi-family, and a smaller percentage of single-family homes, would look across the region. It closed with the question: is… Read More

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    Housing Shift? If so, What Might it Mean for Madison Region?

    We seem to hear a lot about aging baby boomers and the millennial generation. One aspect of these demographics that gets a lot of attention is how they will affect housing construction. Some say these demographic shifts will fuel… Read More

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    Geography of Opportunity Interactive Mapping Tool

    A new interactive mapping tool is now available, on a trial basis, for exploring the Geography of Opportunity in the Madison, Wisconsin region. The mapping tool allows users to turn on and off a number of map layers… Read More

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    Coming and Going: Net Migration in Dane County

    It is not hyperbole to say that Dane County is the leading engine of population growth in Wisconsin. Between 2008 and 2012, 70 percent of the state’s growth occurred in Dane County (19,996 out of 28,369, according to… Read More

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    CRSC Enhances Sustainability of Galaxie Development

    The Galaxie project broke ground on September 16, continuing the development momentum in the Capitol East District on Madison’s near east side. In addition to bringing a full-service grocery store and housing to the Isthmus neighborhoods, the project includes… Read More