Connecting Housing, Transportation & Jobs

Regional and local plans promote regional transit and transit-oriented development. To help accomplish these outcomes, Capital Region Sustainable Communities will commission studies and conduct planning and design to promote enhanced transit including bus rapid transit and transit-oriented development along regional transportation corridors, better connect low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to employment and activity centers, and to foster redevelopment that addresses neighborhood needs.


Conduct market studies to estimate potential demand for various types of residential and commercial development, in order to guide planning and decision-making for future urban development and transit-oriented development.

row houses

Develop Infill development and redevelopment inventory and database, including assessment of development potential, to support and foster public and private policies and investments in these areas.


Commission studies of the potential for enhanced transit, including bus rapid transit, and associated transit-oriented development, along regional transportation corridors, to foster agreement and support for strategies to enhance regional transit.

Boston RBT

Work with local communities to prepare TOD plans for areas identified in transit/TOD studies, to better connect residents to transit, employment and other activities.

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