Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a healthy sleep is not just a normal routine for everyone. It is a habit you cultivate over time. While it might seem obvious, it could a daunting task to get quality sleep. We have delved into the matter and below are the best tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

Ways to improve your night’s sleep

1. Create and stick to a sleep schedule

It is one of the best ways to ensure quality and sufficient sleep. Make sure you have enough, but regular sleep and wake up times. This should be interrupted even on weekends or holidays. It is a measure that helps to control the human body clock thus adjusting to the schedules. You can be sure to sleep easily and remain asleep throughout the night.345tyhgfgdfs

2. Avoid unwanted bedtime activities

Come up with a relaxation routine just before bedtime. This should be done without unhealthy activities like bright lights and stress or anxiety. Such activities could cause hitches during bedtime.

3. Irregular naps should be avoided

It is common for people to take naps in the afternoon. This goes a long way to interrupt your night sleep. While it could be helpful to take you through the day, naps are likely to cause serious problems at night.

4. Be careful of what you eat or drink

Going to bed hungry is not acceptable; neither is it going to sleep while too full. Large and heavy meals cause unwanted discomforts at night. This is likely to keep you awake. Taking some drinks like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine could be a problem before bedtime. One is likely to stay up longer than expected thus causing sleep problems.

5. Exercise adequately

Better sleep is known to be related to physical activity. However, this should be avoided close to bedtime. Going to bed while tired can be a disturbance to quality sleep. Try staying outdoors and being physically active. Doing so hours before bedtime can be relaxing and healthy for a sound sleep.

6. Create a conducive sleep environment

3rt56hygdfsYour body and mind need a restful environment. Your bedroom should make this happen. Do not sleep with loud music on or in the too much bright light. A dark, cool and quiet room is preferably the best way to cultivate quality night sleep.

7. Talk to your doctor

Every normal person has those nights when they cannot sleep adequately or even sleep at all. This should not be a cause for alarm. However, having such nights more often means danger. You should talk to your doctor for advice and medication. This could be due to some other underlying issues.…

How To Reduce Pet Allergens At Home

Do you love pets, yet so allergic to their dander and stuff? This should never be a problem anymore. You can live a healthy life with your lovely pets even if you have allergies. Experts have weighed in on how to best reduce pet allergies at your home.

Cute, yet hazardous?

345tyhfgdfsdHaving been diagnosed with pet allergy might seem a nightmare for many pet lovers. It is not all lost, and you do not have to kick out your lovely animals. Pets can be the best friends and equally your worst enemy if you have allergies.

Worth mentioning, pets shed dander. It is usually a mixture of dead skin cells and hair. It is known to cause asthmatic attacks and reactions in people with allergen sensitivity. While getting a new home for your pets is the simplest way to get rid of this problem, here are a couple of reliable tips for you to consider in reducing pet allergens at your home:

Ways to reduce pet allergens

Minimize or avoid contact

Keep the pets outdoors as much as possible. In the least of situations, do not allow your dogs or cats to come into the bedroom. Touching these pets can allow the dander to aggravate your allergic reactions. Kids with allergies should also be kept off these pets. In case they touch them, make sure to wash their hands immediately. Carpets can easily trap dander as compared to wood flooring. Keep your pets away from the carpet.

Do not allow the pets on your couch

From upholster to carpets and beds, pets should be kept away. These are places that could trap dander and cause reactions to allergic people. In your car, avoid sitting next to your pet. You can keep it in some restricted area to avoid exposure to the allergens.

Cleanliness is key

Make sure your floor is clean at all times. Wipe your carpets, floors, seats, bed and car at all times to get rid of the pet allergens. Bathing your pet is another important aspect of reducing pet allergens. According to research, quality pet-bathing helps to reduce the allergens found in the pet dander. This is a proven measure to ensure fewer complications that come with pet allergens at home.3r45tgyhfgdfsd

Always consult a medical practitioner for treatment and advice

All is not lost yet. You can get medication to help you deal with unhealthy allergic reactions to pet allergens. Common treatments include immunotherapy, antihistamine and steroidal sprays (nasal), and antihistamine pills. Discuss with your doctor on the symptoms and how to control them.

You do not have to break up with your pets because of the pet allergens, get rid of them now!…

Capital Region Sustainable Communities Initiative

Capital Region Sustainable Communities

Last fall, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the Capital Region a $2 million, three-year Sustainable Community Regional Planning Grant (SCRPG). Twenty-seven governmental and private entities came together as the Partnership for Sustainable Communities to successfully compete for these grant funds. Recognizing that regional challenges – healthy environment, mobility, economic opportunities for all, and quality of life – require collaborative and integrated approaches, the Partnership established the Capital Region Sustainable Communities (CRSC) to foster regional collaboration, conduct planning and pursue demonstration projects for sustainable communitiess.

conference logo

October 27th & 28th 2011
Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center,
Madison WI

Collaboration & Connections: Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities

Over 30 organizations, governments, and businesses have joined together to forge new collaborative efforts to advance economic opportunity, healthy environments, and strong communities for all. We have developed this conference to bring in new ideas and advance discussion and actions toward a more sustainable region.
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