q345thythfgdfsdMaking your life career is a call you have to make at some point in life. One has to make a choice based on some issues. Some of the common factors include the environment: where you were brought up, what you grew up seeing and listening to, what you have been used to doing among other aspects. Other factors include passion – whatever that drives from inside. Mentors and role models are also part of the reasons why people choose career paths.

Choices have consequences. One of the bitter sides is that for every choice we make in our career, there is always the opposite. Too bad, we might be on the wrong side. Somehow in our career development, one might realize that he or she made the wrong call in their profession. This comes with hefty costs regarding time and other resources.

Common career mistakes

Peer pressure

You are likely to portray the character of your friends. Everyone is influenced to some extent by the people he or she hangs around with. Most career choices are shaped at the teenage. This is the most vulnerable time of our lives. Peer pressure strikes the hardest at this stage in life. The bitter reality is that, during teenage, this is when we differentiate truth from fantasy as far as career choices are concerned. More often, people choose the wrong profession for the sake of their friends’ approval.

Misguided priorities

Monetary consideration is a known contributor for poor career choices. Science-related professions are highly valued in the world. Many consider medicine, for instance, as a sign of brilliance and valuable intellect. Friends and the society at large could push you into taking such a path, without your liking at all. You might be smart and find a way into such a career – but it will never work for you!34frgtrhfgdfsdv

Missing simple but key points of your career

It comes a time when you have to decide the best course of action. This is a give-and-take situation in one’s career. How you proceed could mean serious injury or success. Such points include failing to meet basic targets, poor deadline management, salary negotiation problems, burning your career bridges, poor execution of the task, failure to enhance your career skills, and unhealthy working relationships among other issues.

If noticed in good time, such grave career mistakes can be corrected. If blinded by situations, these mistakes can cost your future. Re-evaluating your career options is a strategy that has been highly voted by professionals. Take time to check how you are progressing. This way, you are likely to mend any broken points of your career and be successful!